84th Geneva International Motor Show

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Exhibitors' Platform


Electric mobility – Energy efficient cars – Renewable materials

Three key topics presented by the Association e’mobile (booth 5141) at the Geneva Motor Show 2014

Together with its partners, the Association e’mobile will cover three key topics at the Geneva Motor Show, to be held from March 6 to 16, 2014.

Electric mobility provided by cars will be addressed by VW with its e-up!, Renault with its ZOE, and Tekmobil Sàrl with its FULU Meteor E.T. from China. Charging infrastructure solutions will be displayed by Green Motion, a charging station supplier from Lausanne and Groupe E, an energy provider from the canton of Freiburg. The Association e’mobile will unveil the first results of the KORELATION Project, whose objective is to study the use of electric vehicles in daily life.

SwissEnergy will distribute a brochure containing information about all cars exhibited at the motor show with CO2 emission level below 95g/km. Energy efficiency is also a priority for Honda, with its Jazz Hybrid.

The use of renewable materials in car manufacturing and operation is the focus of Geneva’s Hepia College when developing its Biomobile.

Participation of the Association e’mobile in the Geneva Motor Show is supported by the SwissEnergy Program of the Federal Office of Energy and the Association Electrosuisse.