84th Geneva International Motor Show

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The 84th Geneva International Motor Show: A new graphic design for the event that underscores movement and dynamics

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For once the publicity graphic design for the 84th Geneva International Motor Show (March 6-16, 2014 at Palexpo in Geneva) was not created by an advertising agency or publicity group as has been the custom in the past. This year it was created by the Geneva School of Art and Design (Haute école d’art et de design - Genève). The organisers wanted to give this opportunity to the designers of the future. The competition was won by Fermin Guerrero, a third year student majoring in visual communication. His creation underscores movement and dynamics, key values of the automobile sector.

This is not the first time that the 30 year old Fermin Guerrero has won a competition. This designer from Uruguay has studied visual communication for three years at the Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD - Genève). He hopes to earn his Bachelor’s Degree next year.

For the creation of this publicity graphic he has tried in particular to titillate the fantasies of the observer by creatively utilising a minimum of elements. For this reason he has provided us with a graphical game. Viewing of the graphic can be done on several levels. One part suggests the silhouette of a sedan and some mountains in homage to the Swiss landscape. In another certain letters are found extended to the edge of the image and symbolise a network of roads: all roads lead to the Motor Show. The shadowed letters also imply dynamic movement which typifies the automobile. The colours are vivid and emphasise the liveliness and dynamic nature of this event.

« It was important for us to confide the creation of next year’s graphic design to the future generation of designers and graphic artists. This generated an enormous enthusiasm in the students and they took on the challenge without any pre-conceived notions. The members of the jury had difficulty making a final choice as 26 students presented their vision of a new graphic for the Geneva International Motor Show” explained André Hefti, General Manager of the Geneva Motor Show, regarding the decision to give the mandate to the HEAD instead of an advertising agency.

Jérôme Baratelli, professor of the department of visual communication at the HEAD - Genève was enthralled: « we have integrated this challenge into the students’ requirements for the semester. It is very motivating for them to work on a real-life project with the possibility of their work being published.”

This graphic will be used in all of the different national and international communication campaigns for the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show.

The new graphic design can be downloaded here (HD, 15 Mo):

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Palexpo, September 13, 2013                       (approx. 2‘870 caracters incl. spaces)