84th Geneva International Motor Show

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20.02.2014 - Car Design News Car Design News

Renault Twingo III

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The third-generation Renault Twingo will make its official debut at the Geneva motor show next month, where it will be looking to recapture the hearts of those disillusioned by its predecessor.

For the first time, Renault's smallest model has five doors, yet more significantly its engine is now mounted at the rear, its platform shared with the next-generation Smart. As a result its nose is extremely short by modern standards (although it features a very definite transition from hood to windscreen unlike the monovolume original), while what appears to be an extremely generous amount of overall length has been given to the cabin – note how the front door shut pushes forward over the wheel. Its compact rear overhang adds to this sense.

If its proportions aren't so extrovertly rear-engined, the visual weight of the rear wheel arch – accentuated by the optional graphics packs – certainly hints at the power source.

The rear accentuates this with its lamps that push out into the arch flares and act as a cross-section to the body like the rear-engined R5 Turbo rally car's admittedly more overt box arches.

Its face is clearly firmly in-line with the brand's current strategy, with the large diamond feeding into a chrome (or colored) moustache, while the circular lamp inserts and auxiliary DRLs nod to the outgoing car.

No dimensions or interior details have yet been released.